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Black History
Graphic Design Commission

During the month of February 2021, I connected with Chicago based graphic designer Dominique Jimerson (Royelle Designs) in order to establish a partnership between our brands. My goal was to collaborate with Jimerson in order to create and sell a print which would ship in multiple formats including framed prints, canvas prints, canvas totes, tee shirts, pillows, and more. Jimerson and I brainstormed together to determine what was to be accomplished with this creative work; Jimerson crafted the art piece; and the piece titled 'We Can Not Stand Alone' was sold via the Eric Isiah Media store throughout the month of February. This effort enabled both of our brands to sell more units than either of us had previously moved while also allowing us to celebrate Black History Month through thought-provoking art. We utilized social media marketing and email marketing in order to continuously push the design and spread awareness. Through thoughtful creativity and collaborative efforts to spread art and love, we were able to reach a larger consumer market than that which either of us had been able to reach previously. Moreover, we were able to fulfill the initial intention of spreading our message of unity and peace; while also successfully collaborating on a joint venture.

- Eric Isiah

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